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Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode


While browsing through facebook posts from clubs, you can see lots of good pictures about their recent activities. Some even started to use little video clips to show what they are doing, which is great.

And this brings me to todays topic –
dealing with the video material and get it right for posting in facebook, Google+ or Youtube.

Getting started …

It is so easy – using your smartphone or camera to capture a little video clip.
But then, after copying it to your PC or even after uploading into to your favorite internet service or your website you recognize that something is wrong …
the video clip seems to be 90 degrees rotated ;-(

Most likely the root cause for this is that you used your smartphone or camera in portrait position rather than landscape position while recording the scene.

Using portrait mode is perfectly fine. But most devices used for playback will not automatically adjust from their default landscape mode to portrait mode. So in consequence an additional handling step (aka rotating the video clip similar to rotating an image) is required before you can view your video without adjusting yourself to this non-default viewing position (see screenshot from the YouTube video editor at the end of this post to get an idea what i am talking about) 😉


Landscape mode

Landscape mode

Fixing the issue

There are several ways to fix this;

  • Using a video editing software on your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Using YouTube video editing

If possible, use the video editing software or tool you already have or stick with well-known tools. Especially in the “media domain” just searching the internet for a tool and downloading a random one might easily get you into trouble depending which source you pick. So be careful!

One option you have as a Windows user is described here:
Rotate a Video 90 degrees with VLC or Windows Live Movie Maker
(using Microsoft builtin tool or VLC, a well known multi-purpose tool)


Fixing it online with YouTube Video Editor

Another option, which comes in handy in case you use Google+ or YouTube anyway, is the YouTube video editor. And even if you are more with facebook or just use a blog or classic website like e-clubhouse … you still have the benefit of not paying any money or having to install a piece of software! Once you are satisfied with the result, you can download the clip in varies formats.

Rotate video clip with YouTube editor

Rotate video clip with YouTube editor


Once you have uploaded your videoclip to YouTube, start the YouTube Video Editor here:

It´s use gets described at the YouTube Video Editor introduction. Have a look in the section “customize and add effects”.

After rotating the clip and applying other effects of your choice, you either use the link to the processed video in YouTube for publishing to your audience. Or you download the processed video clip and upload it whereever you want to use it.

Hope this little post gives you a good start dealing with your video clips.

Looking forward to your comments and video posts in your social media pages!


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