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Updating Docs on line, at the same (Short & Easy) address

How to keep an online document and all its information updated (link to new video, other changing  content) using the same URL address, and maintaining the same shortened  name.

Using Google Drive and two easy and free solutions

You’re working on an evolving project (add, edit videos on YouTube, enrich the content from others as well) and want to keep it updated for your readers or colleagues? nothing new, we need a Cloud Document!

We use Google Drive that allows 15 GB of free storage and the possibility  to update it easily.

But Drive’s address (link) is very long and then we will shorten it

We are using which also allows us to personalize it with a name of our choice (if others have not already used it!), paying attention to uppercase and lowercase letters, and gives also a QRCode for an easy access

Google Drive and a good partnership

How to do it in six steps (plus a Tip!)

  1. Prepare your original document (pdf, other) and upload it on your Drive

  2. When uploaded, copy the address link from Drive

  3. Then go to  and paste the address short it, and choose an easy to remember name(in the example Lions100Social)
  4. You will also receive  a QR Code of your link
  5. Then you can modify the document (adding/ changing information, a link, an image) and ‘change’ it on your Drive  with the function ‘manage versions’
  6. .. just uploading the new one ..

The short link will remain the same

Use it for updating a Club Event’s Calendar, adding/changing new video addresses, .. … and people will always read an updated information!


You can even monitor the access statistics to your  link easily by adding a “-” after the Name  in the example


Interesting, isn’t it?




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