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Online Communication Tools
Toronto 2014 Convention Seminar Abstract

With the introduction of relatively low cost, high capacity broadband telecommunication services, videoconferencing has made significant inroads in business, education, medicine and media. Video chat and videoconferencing apps reduce the need to travel to bring people together, also contributing to reduce carbon emissions, thereby having an impact on the environment but also education, health and Lions Clubs…

Learn about the various types of online video communication platforms, advantages and disadvantages, costs, necessary hardware, ease of use, screen share, etc…

SMiLE Social Media Forum
International convention, Hamburg 2013

The Social Media Forum was organized using live panelists and online panelists from Benin, Belgium and Australia. Video conferencing was done by using the free Google Hangout platform. The forum was also Live streamed to YouTube using the Google Hangout On Air tools. This video demonstrates how Lions Worldwide can get in touch with each other and their social projects using free tools.

SMiLE Social Media in the main exhibit hall
International convention, Hamburg 2013

Impression of the SMiLE social media lounge at the main exhibition hall, International Convention 2013 in Hamburg.

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