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SMiLE | 5 years

September 2012, Europa Forum, Brussels, Belgium, SMiLE founding members Lion Tom Van Kerschaver (LC Brugge Maritime, MD112), Lion Sylvie Louagie (LC Oostende Beaufort, MD112) & Lion Ludwig Van Boxelaer (LC Dendermonde, MD112) present their first presentations about Lions and Social Media. Picked up and supported by LCI SMiLE grew into the information platform that it is today: Social Media for Lions by Lions.

Together with LCI and LCIF SMiLE is celebrating, but much less candles of course. But still something to be proud of. 5 years of informing Lions why and how they can use social media serving the community, helping shaping the public opinion.., connecting mountains… Making friends… serving…

  • Thank you LCI for supporting this project
  • Thank you to all members of the LCI communications Team
  • Thank you to all volunteers
  • Thank you to all active and contributing members
  • Thank you to all seminar attendees
  • Thank you to all visitors of the SMiLE Social Media Lounge
  • Thank you to all our followers
  • Thank you to all who shared our posts
  • Thank you to all…
  • Thank you…

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