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QR Codes for Lions

QR codes what are they, how use them?

A QR code is a type of bar code. The difference with a bar code is the possibility to add characters and therefore words, sentences or any other structured data. QR codes can be used to store website links (url), maps and even your business card data. The most common use is storing long or hard to remember website links. Scan the QR code with a QR scanning application available for most Smart Phones. Just search ‘QR Scanner’, Install and point your camera to the QR code.

Watch the video for best apps and instructions at the bottom of this article

Some Lions examples to try out…

QR code on District fanion.

Include all your information on your fanion

GO4IT Lions 112A QR


QR code on MD Convention Pin.

Include all your information on your pin

Lions QR Pin MD111

SMiLE Social Media Directory link.


SMiLE Contact Tom.


QR for Lions Clubs marketing.

Put QR code on all district documentation, scanning will redirect to the district 410A website


QR for aidWeb’s Facebook page (Lions & Rare Diseases).

QRCODE FB Unitag_QRCode_FB_aidWeb


QR in Lions Magazine.

Get readers to visit the MD or district Facebook page

Lion Australia Papua New Guinea FB QR


Watch the video for best apps and instructions

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