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QR Codes – generated with facebook events

QR codes are very convenient, when it comes to drawing attention from your audience or directing people to your fund-raiser page. The SMiLE team used this very successfully during and after LCI international convention 2015 in Honolulu by making a QR code part of our famous SMiLE Pin.

Part 1 of this article series introduced an iOS based App – Qrafter Pro – for reading and creating QR codes.

Part 2 of this article series introduced an Android based App – QR Droid – for reading and creating QR codes.

This article talks about a very convenient facebook feature, which allows to create QR codes as well!


QR codes (2) - a blog post series by SMiLE

Part 3: QR codes created by facebook

The apps for iOS and Android introduced so far are a sort of “Swiss army knife” tool. They deal with all sorts of QR codes and provide a rich set of features. The facebook event features comes with a “one-trick-pony” – simple and convenient.

Very often, you will use a QR code to promote an event you organize for your club or district. As a social media aware Lion you definitely consider to create a facebook event for this as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a matching QR code directly as part of this task?

Here comes the good news: Once you have created your facebook event, you are offered to simply download a QR code image, which directly points to this facebook event! No need for an extra app – at least for this part 😉

Sounds too good? Have a look at the screenshots provided below and try yourself.

Get a matching QR code for our facebook event

Three easy steps …
to receive the QR code

Download the QR code for a facebook event

Download the QR code for a facebook event




Proceed as follows …
once the facebook event has been created ….

  1. Click on the three dots right below the event banner
  2. Click the download button below the generated QR code
  3. Save the image file

Distribute the QR code image as appropriate for your event. Send it along with invitation mails, use it on your website, print it on your stationary, etc. – your imagination is the limit.

Final QR code & added value for your event

facebook puts its logo in the center of the QR code. This makes it convenient to identify it, but does not interfere with readability.

Do not forget to create additional QR codes, which provide e.g. a calendar for the event or depicts the location in a map. For this the smartphone apps introduced in parts (1) – (2) of this blog post series.can be used.


Have a look at the other articles of this series, as they contain additional information and material, which might be useful for you!

Part 1: Using QR code apps for iOS

Part 2: Using QR code apps for Android


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