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QR Codes – All about apps (2)

QR codes are very convenient, when it comes to drawing attention from your audience or directing people to your fund-raiser page. The SMiLE team used this very successfully during and after LCI international convention 2015 in Honolulu by making a QR code part of our famous SMiLE Pin.

Part 1 of this article series introduced an iOS based App – Qrafter Pro – for reading and creating QR codes.

Now time has come for all folks using Android based smartphones and tablets!


QR codes (2) - a blog post series by SMiLE

Part 2: Using QR code apps for Android

What is true for iOS, is true for the Android side of the medal – too many apps claiming being the best QR code reader. But again, let’s play it easy and have a look at my favorite QR code app for Android; -)

QR Droid for Android is a great tool for dealing with QR codes. It supports reading AND creating QR codes with lots of features, so reserve some spare time to discover the stuff beyond the base functionality.

Reading …
a QR code with QR Droid is easy!

QR Droid scanning QR code with cross hair

With the default app settings …

  1. start the app
  2. point the smartphone camera at the QR code

Immediately the app identifies the code, decodes it and based on it’s type, executes the appropriate action. For example, it …

  • opens a web page (QR code has been a web address)
  • shows a location on Google maps (QR code has been a location code)
  • Twitters a message

That was easy, right?! The default settings of the app really aim at receiving immediate results. But you might want to change some of the defaults, to allow a short verification of what the app is actually going to execute as action. This avoids some bad surprise, in case someone presents you with a malicious QR code!

Bottom line: “Reading” a QR code with the right Android app is simple and it links people in a convenient way to your web pages, guide them to a location or let them transfer the club business card details hassle free in their smartphone contacts.



QR Droid offers you lots of features.

  • supports a whole variety of QR codes:
    • Business card
    • Event dates
    • Phone calls
    • Text messages
    • Mail
  • easily configurable to adjust behavior
  • also CREATES QR codes

Again, take some spare time to explore what the app has to offer beyond the basic use – it’s really amazing.


Have a look at the other articles of this series, as they contain additional information and material, that might be useful for you!

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