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Sending mass emails for club/district events/projects

Do you need a mass email campaign at no cost, secure and professionally looking? I’m using Mailchimp: here is why and how I did it.




The goal

SMiLE Hamburg SeminarsWe needed to send an appealing email (to be really opened!) to members of our club and  district, keeping spam to … peanuts!.
We used Mailchimp two years ago and I’ll tell you about our positive experience

Why Mailchimp

  • It is free up to 2000 recipients and you can send up to 12,000 emails per month!
  • You can send not only text mail but also beautiful graphical emails using easy WYSIWYG editor (What You see Is What You Get).
  • You comply with international anti spam laws.
  • You can also publish the info/event on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc..)


  1. Sign up first on (Username, password and some personal information,..)
  2. Preparee lists of recipients, (we’re using Excel first and then import them into Mailchimp using copy/paste!), with the information useful for future filtering (very powerful!). The columns could be e.g.: email, name, last name (to personalize emails), Club, Zone, title, etc..). You can have as many lists as you want, and do not forget to create one for tests purposes.
  3. When you have your recipients lists created (a small group for testing as a first step) you can start to setup a Campaign (On email layout send to a list of recipients). Use the powerful MailChimp email editor and choose from existing templates to customize to your liking or you create one from scratch (available for reuse). You can add Images, links, predefined mail section (to ‘book’ an event) and other features. Very easy for those who, like me, do not know html at all! Play around with my example!
  4. When you are satisfied with the tests you can send the mass mail to the entire list or just a segment. You can also publish your event on your Social Networks (Twitter, Facebbok).

Mail sent, what now?

What has happened to my  email, did the recipients receive it, did they open it? MailChimp has a campaign statistics system providing you not only with a general vision of the campaign sent (how many opened it, how many clicks on links, ..) but also look at individual user (the list of who has opened and who not)




Do you have a Blog?

Mailchimp also produces the html of your campaign that you can copy and paste (and change if you know how to do it!) in a post, saving time.


Just two Tips

  • This is not a communication course, but to capture the attention choose your email SUBJECT carefully. In some cases recipients have to approve to see images in their mails. So the first impression will be made by your intro text!
  • Gmail users will receive your first mail into ‘promotions’ and you have to warn them!


How did I create my email?

Now you want too much, too soon:)
See my video next time!




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