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Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons?


Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides free licenses to anyone who wants a safe way to share their creativity and knowledge with the world. A Creative Commons license is not designed to replace a creator’s copyright, but to help them quickly, easily, and legally change the terms and conditions of their copyright so that others can safely use their content under approved conditions.

For instance, lets say that you just created a photo. By default that photo is a copyrighted piece of content that you own. According to standard copyright laws, no one is allowed to use that content without your express permission. You can even require (and many do) anyone who wants to use your content to pay for the privilege on a case by case basis.

Obviously this type of setup is there to protect content creators and copyright owners. So in that sense its great, but for many it goes too far or is simply not flexible enough. A lot of content creators don’t mind others using and/or sharing their content. What they mind is someone, especially a big company or media group who could afford to pay, snatching up their content for free and using it to make themselves money while not providing compensation or even credit to those whose work they used along the way.

That’s where a Creative Commons license for your photo we mentioned earlier would come in real handy. By using this license you can, among many other things, make your photo freely available to anyone who wants to use it in a non-commercial way while still requiring anyone who wants to profit from the use of your work to pay you for it.

It’s this type of middle ground that has made the Creative Commons licenses so popular on the web. It has allowed creativity to blossom–with artists swapping sources and creative elements freely–while still protecting them from those who would take commercial advantage without attribution or compensation.

Via A Quick Guide To Creative Commons Image Plugins For WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog.


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