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Low cost live streaming

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Low cost live streaming

Your Lions club or district has setup a big event and on the program is the International Lions President and some top keynote speakers. Seats are limited and to get there, some Lions members need to travel several hours. Wouldn’t it be nice If you could broadcast this event live? to expensive? to technical? Read on…

Just like Skype, Google offers Video Calls and Video Conferencing for free using the Google Hangouts tool. But there is more… Google also offers ‘Hangouts on Air’. This ‘On Air’ option enables you stream your video conferencing live to YouTube. The streamed video is also automatically saved on your YouTube account (by default it is set as ‘not shared’). The only thing you need to do is plan a Hangout On Air get the link to watch the streaming and invite people to watch by mailing them the Day, time and link. When the video conferencing session is over, you can send the YouTube link to people who were not able to watch it live. Sound professional doesn’t it?

But what about the Broadcasting quality? We need live streaming at reasonable quality (zooming, moving around, etc…). So we need to use a regular video camera instead of a Webcam!The solution is to use a regular ‘Low cost’ Video Camera and a Digital AV Converter Connecting the Video Camera to the PC. This is very easy: take the Output from the Camera (AV in this case) and connect it to the Video Converter, and then to the PC via USB.


Watch the Video to learn more

Video by

Hardware used

  • Video camera: JVC GZ-E305 (200-250€)
  • Tripod: Amazon (25€)
  • Video Capture: Pinnacle Dazzle 100 (50€)

Extra information in the video

  • Fine tune the bandwidth to avoid video freezing


(English & Italian subtitles available)

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