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We have tested ZOOM for a few months, here’s why we enjoy the App as a Lions Club

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We have tested ZOOM for a few months, here’s why we enjoy the App as a Lions Club

We have tested ZOOM for a few months, here’s why we enjoy the App as a Lions Club

  • Up to 100 people connected in Video & Audio
  • FREE up to 40 minutes connection (you can restart it immediately!)
  • Plans start from 15€ per month (US$14.99 per month)
  • HD Quality of the connection
  • Can be used by PC (Windows or Mac) or Devices (Android, iOS)
  • Just a mouse click away from your videoconference (or two minutes later!)
  • No emails limitations (Google, Microsoft..)

HOW TO Start
from an Invitation received

1) You just have to click on the link marked to the rigth and…

You’ve received an email like this one?

2) follow the instruction to install ZOOM


Saving Zoom launcher file, executing it,

authorizing video & Audio and .. that’s it:

You are IN

Using a mobile device (Android, iOS)
You have to receive the invitation by mail or by link (SMS, WhatsApp ..)

1) Click on the link and

follows the instructions

to install ZOOM on your mobile.

2) At the end: Click on JOIN

You are IN







HOW TO Start from scratch (ready to become a Host)

Using a PC (Windows, Mac)
Click on
Save & Run Zoom Installer

Click on Sign In

.. click on Sign Up

.. and again

.. and finally confirm your email

.. now you can Sign IN and .. Here We Are

Using a mobile device (Android, iOS)

Go to Play Store or App Store (or iOS Market) and Install

 1) Open it, then Sign Up

2) Complete the info required

  3) Confirm the account activation

  4) complete the Info required (password!) and

Author of this article

Gianfranco Ferradini

Gianfranco Ferradini

Member of LionsSMiLE Core team

360° convention pictures and movies comming up…

Boys and there toys…


Yes I’m human too, and as a web developer I read blog about what’s hot in web development in 2018. And guess what… 360° images are making their way up…

360 degrees cameras have to fisheye lenses and automatically stitch the images together so you get a real 360 view of the place where you took the pictures. Good quality 360 cameras are getting affordable and easy to use. So your truly ordered one online 🙂

And now for the good news… I will take it with me to the centennial convention in Chicago and will take 360° pictures in the convention hall, plenary, the parade, etc., etc… So, stay tuned for some really nice 360 experiences on the SMiLE Blog and Facebook page.


The picture below is taken during the District 112a convention during voting…

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Nowadays it’s even possible to have 360° video and post them to YouTube. YouTube fully supports this kind of videos by adding navigation controls to view 360° videos. 360° videos are low quality.

The video on the right was shot during a multiple Lions Club inclusion event for people with disabilities, their compnions, families and  friends.

Convention Seminar PPTX versions available for download

Feel free to use parts or the complete presentation, as original or altered as long as you mention SMiLE and its website.
Use the links below to download the PPTX (PowerPoint) files from the last 3 International Convention Social Media Seminars

2016 – Fukuoka – Social Media Seminars – EN
2015 – Hawaii – Social Media Seminars – EN
2014 – Toronto – Social Media Seminars – EN

Find future seminar PPTX files the SMiLE resource section

Chicago Convention SMiLE pin

5 years SMiLE, fifth convention, 3rd SMiLE pin… The principle is still the same, Find us during the Chicago convention and trade a pin for a Selfie. You can find us during one of the Chicago convention social media seminars (SMiLE Seminars) or at the Social Media Lounge in the main convention hall.

As a bonus your Selfie will be featured on the LCI & SMiLE website

If you cannot attend the Chicago Convention, ask your DG or DGE to find us, We’ll give him an extra pin for you

SMiLE | 5 years

September 2012, Europa Forum, Brussels, Belgium, SMiLE founding members Lion Tom Van Kerschaver (LC Brugge Maritime, MD112), Lion Sylvie Louagie (LC Oostende Beaufort, MD112) & Lion Ludwig Van Boxelaer (LC Dendermonde, MD112) present their first presentations about Lions and Social Media. Picked up and supported by LCI SMiLE grew into the information platform that it is today: Social Media for Lions by Lions.

Together with LCI and LCIF SMiLE is celebrating, but much less candles of course. But still something to be proud of. 5 years of informing Lions why and how they can use social media serving the community, helping shaping the public opinion.., connecting mountains… Making friends… serving…

  • Thank you LCI for supporting this project
  • Thank you to all members of the LCI communications Team
  • Thank you to all volunteers
  • Thank you to all active and contributing members
  • Thank you to all seminar attendees
  • Thank you to all visitors of the SMiLE Social Media Lounge
  • Thank you to all our followers
  • Thank you to all who shared our posts
  • Thank you to all…
  • Thank you…

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