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Webinars & Lions Centennial, a match?

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Webinars & Lions Centennial, a match?

The word ‘Webinar’ is a contraction of two words ‘Web’ & ‘Seminar’ so basically a Webinar is an online seminar.

In most cases webinars are recorded for people who could not attend the actual webinar. But do not confuse webinars with online training videos. The big difference is that webinars are interactive! It is an interactive online seminar.

Depending of the type of webinar, attendees can electronically raise their hand to ask questions real time over the microphone of their PC. This is handy for Q&A sessions, but even without a microphone and during the webinar, attendees are able to type in their questions. Another great option is to do live polls with immediate display of the results.

So the advantages of a webinar speak for themselves.

  • No need for timely traveling to attend a seminar
  • Reduces the environmental impact of traveling by car/boat/air
  • Recording available afterwards
  • Less paper manuals

Never experienced a webinar? This is your chance! LCI and SMiLE teamed up to bring you the ‘Social Media as a leadership tool’ webinar. Learn more about the webinar and how to join in the ‘Social Media as a leadership tool Webinar’ SMiLE next blog post …

Are you involved in organizing Lions seminars and not using webinars? Be a good Lion and give it a try. Do we need to tell you that ‘Environment’ is one of the Centennial Service projects! Google ‘Webinars’ and have a look at the different webinar platforms and compare both paying and free platforms.

Share your 'webinar' experiences in the SMiLE spirit (share information) and post it as a comment

Building a virtual Lions Club, why and how

I’ve been a Lions Clubs member since 2010, and in February last year the general secretary of MD104 (Norway) asked me to look into the concept of “Cyber Clubs”.

Our Cyber Club website.

Our Cyber Club website.

What I found was that even though Lions International has written much about it, it’s not really a concept, more listings of different tools you can use to build online communities.

So I gave up at first. But after the summer I started thinking about it again, and I decided to try and build a concept myself.

After talking to friends, both IRL and on social media, I found that selling Lions was more or less hopeless. Most people don’t know what we do, and they loose interest when you try to explain.

So I decided that I needed to sell a cause. The cause I selected was bullying, especially cyberbullying. Why? Because bullying is a big problem that Lions Quest can solve, and cyberbullying is the natural evolution of bullying with the introduction of social media.

This was very easy to “sell”, and after recruiting my first five members, the rest was a walk in the park. After three months we had recruited 25 chartermembers and could start the club.

How did I recruit?

I mostly recruited members online through social media like Facebook and Twitter. I wrote a lot of blog posts about my idea and shared it.

A few members are my personal friends, some transferred from other clubs, and I recruited three people from a big network-meeting (over 100 attendees) where I held a presentation of the concept, but mostly the members where recruited through the use of social media combined with my blog.

I also spent about €35 on Facebook promotions.

Our goal is to end bullying.

That is of course impossible, but we need hairy goals! How? We have three main activities:

  1. Build a website devoted to bullying and cyberbullying. The website is meant to be a resource for kids, youth, parents, teachers, pretty much everyone. We will tell stories, share what Lions do against bullying, and what other great humanitarian organisations do.
  2. Have a yearly youth-camp called “Camp #DigMob”. This camp will be devoted to discussing bullying, having speakers talking about their experiences. Instructors from Lions Quest will (hopefully) be an important part of the camp.
  3. Try to work together with other humanitarian organisations that also work against cyberbullying, find common ground and how we can help each other towards the goal of ending bullying.

How to the cyberclub work?

  • The website is based on WordPress.
  • We have a digital club house, based on bbPress.
  • Board meetings is done through Google Hangout.
  • Club decisions are made by having a poll in the digital club house.
  • No physical club meetings, but two yearly get together happenings.

How do we get funding?

The club was just chartered a few weeks ago, so we don’t have any experience with this yet, but here are a few ideas we’re working on:

  • – online micro-fundraising.
  • Getting companies as sponsors/advertisers.
  • Getting private supporters called “friends of Lions”.
  • Training sessions in the use of social media to other Lions Clubs.

Whats next?

As I said, we’ve just been chartered, so we need to find out what work-capacity our members have, what the want to contribute with, and what we need of funding.

In January 2015 we are planning to have an evening seminar about cyberbullying to test the interest of our Camp #DigMob idea.

And we already have two new members on their way in to the club 🙂

See our club at


Cyber Lions Clubs – What are they and are they real?

Buckeye Cyber LionsWith the continuing growth and access to the Internet people are feeling more social than ever. People are using this medium as a new way in which to serve the community.

Cyber Lions clubs are Lions Clubs that conduct the majority of their business and meetings online. The online meetings have the advantage of eliminating the need to travel to attend meetings, members can even be in different cities and still participate in meetings. There is still the opportunity to meet face to face and to carry out community projects or it can be used just for personal interaction between members. Cyber clubs can offer members more flexibility to attend regular meetings and provide more productivity, just online with the use of the Internet. Many of us now find work and family commitments are take up more and more of our time and we are having to choose between these and serving the community. Clubs can also set up a cyber branch within their club with the intent to retain those members who could be lost due to time commitments or extended travel.

Cyber Lions Clubs are real clubs, they are the same as traditional clubs, they follow all the same rules and all the same responsibilities as any other club. To charter a club you require the same minimum 20 members and the sponsorship of a club or district cabinet and the approval of the District Governor and pay the relevant fees. One difference is that 75% of charter members must live or work within the district of which the club is chartered.

To find out more about Cyber Lions Clubs and tools used to manage them look for more posts to follow.

Lion Rodney Law
Aspley Lions Club

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