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SMiLE Social Media Icon fonts


SMiLE Colored IconsRecently I was ask to give some good resources for social media icons. Off course you can just Google ‘Facebook icon’, ‘Twitter icon’ or ‘Social Media icons’ and copy paste them in your documents and presentations or download them to use on your website. The problem is that some are on white background and others are transparent some have effects and others don’t, or you need them all to be gray or you want them in Lions colors etc, etc… And if finally when you used all of your graphical and computer skills to get what you want, you enlarge your design and down goes the quality…

What if there is another way…What if there is a font containing social media icons… this would mean changing color and size like you do in your preferred word processor or presentation software like Word, PowerPoint, etc…

Checkout Font Awesome, OpenWeb Icons. They install just like fonts and appear in your font list and work like a regular font but have some nice computer and social media related icons embedded.


Lets explain how to use these on a Windows PC using Font Awesome as an example

SMiLE Icons

Installing Font Awesome

  1. goto
  2. Click download
  3. Open the zip file
  4. Goto the Font folder
  5. Double click on fontawesome-webfont.tff
  6. Click the ‘Install’ button at the top left of the Font example window
  7. Do the same for FontAwesome.otf
  8. Done

To use in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  1. Choose the Font Awesome font
  2. Goto Insert
  3. Click ‘Symbol’
  4. Click down arrow extra menu ‘More symbols’
  5. Insert the symbol of your choice
    (If you don’t see the symbols make sure ‘Unicode(hex)’ is selected and select starting point F000 – F Zero Zero Zero -)
  6. Enlarge and change colors to your liking in your document/presentation


(See also video at bottom of this post)

To use in other software

  1. Press the Windows Start button
  2. Go to ‘Accessories’
  3. Go to ‘System tools’
  4. Click and open ‘Character map’
    (This opens the same kind of Symbol insertion tools as in the Office products.
    Alternatively, click start button and type ‘charmap’ in the search field.)
  5. Choose the Font Awesome font
  6. Choose ‘Unicode’ as character set
  7. Go to Unicode F000 – F Zero Zero Zero –
  8. Select icon
  9. Click copy button
  10. paste in target application (be sure the Font Awesome font is selected in the target application)




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