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Twitter has launched Periscope, the livestreaming app

Like Meerkat, a similar app, Periscope lets users easily stream video from their devices to their followers. The streamed video can be then replayed later (A key difference with  Meerkat, where unless you save your stream afterwards, the video is gone for good once the stream is over.

Periscope videos aren’t integrated directly into Twitter, you need to install the separate app. Twitter also owns Vine, a 6-second video app, and the clips can be embedded directly into users’ Twitter timelines and viewed without leaving the main app.

Twitter 2009Periscope is almost like next-level Twitter. In 2009 the Hudson river plain-crash news including a picture appeared on TwitPic 15 minutes before the mainstream media reported about it!

Last week live streaming video of an explosion and fire in New York City was live on Periscope within seconds after the explosion. several other live streams followed seconds later…


Periscope and other streaming apps will change the internet and how we consume real time news.  Lets us think about how to use this in our Lions mission!

We at SMiLE will try it at the Hawaiian convention to stream live impression to Lions all over the world. Follow us on Twitter @lions_smile







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