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Three tips to improve your Instagram

insta1Like Twitter, which has developed lots of apps to improve its functionality and to be the best social media in its style, Instagram has been evolving and has been creating some apps to improve the user experience of publishing photos and short videos, in the way to make its product the best social media for photo sharing.
Let’s remember that Instagram doesn’t work on PC, just mobile devices. This is because the technological evolution which reduced the usage of photo cameras and camcorders and introduce lots of apps and items to our mobile phone (which not longer are simple cell phones, but smartphones)
Let’s mention with some apps that will help us improve our Instagram.

instaplace 1. InstaPlace.
Lots of people take pictures and forget where they took them. Instaplace allows you to save your picture with the exact location where it was taken, and you can select from different templates to improve it. Then, you can upload to your Instgram account and remember where you took it.

Phonegram 2. Phonegram.
Instagram has limited options, this is the reason why Phonegram was created. It helps you to handle multiple accounts, provide better photo filters, more sharing options and improve the ‘Crop’ picture functionality.

Hashtags 3. HashTags.
Tired of searching for the current trending topics, or you just don’t know what happening in the world? The app HashTags can help you. This app update your Instagram every day with the most popular hashtag and regroup them in categories to make it easier to find and share your pictures.

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