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Glad you are doing this directory.  You have inspired me to set up our own YouTube and other social media sites.  I have YouTube videos on my personal account, but clubs might find a Cranbury Lions site.
Lion Fay Kobland

This appears to be a very challenging project and upon successful completion should be a great benefit to all Lions wishing to communicate with other Lions and clubs and thus learn what is going on in Lionism worldwide.

Lion Bill Strauss

The Directory is fantastic. I can see what Lions Clubs all over the world do via their websites and Facebook pages. It also enables our own club members, who are not on Facebook to see the latest postings. They can also see extra pictures of recent events that would clog up our website. I’ve already made a friend in the USA!

Lion Barrie Haynes

Nice to know that the Lions organization start to adopt new technology.
Lion Leif Persson

  • About 53% of all LCI districts are already represented 53% 53%
  • About 30% of all countries world-wide with at least 1 Lions Club are in the Social Media Directory 30% 30%
  • 2% of all clubs have registered so far. 2% 2%

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