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SMiLE Pins – A collectors item :)

Smile PinHawaii will be SMiLE’s third International Convention and to celebrate we created a SMiLE pin. Since it’s a limited edition pin we cannot just hand them out, so we came up with the following idea… Since SMiLE is all about raising awareness of the benefits of social media for Lions, and therefore get Lions online to let them experience social media, you can get your pin using… social media!!!

Smile Pin

Step 1
Get one in Hawaii in-person or virtually!

Use the principle of ‘six degrees of separation‘ used by Linked In. The principle of ‘Six degrees of separation’ states that you can connect to any person in the world by six intermediate contact persons. In Lions words… Every Incoming DG and running DG is visiting the Hawaii convention. If you do not personally know your DG/DGE, your Zone president, board member or maybe a befriend lion knows a DGE/DG and if you don’t know your zone president, your club president will probably know your zone president. So you are in Hawaii in at least three steps!!! (Also possible with any other Lion who will visit the Hawaii Convention)


Step 2 & 3
Trade with a #LionsClubSelfie

So you found yourself a Lion in Hawaii. Instruct him/her to visit the SMiLE social media lounge at the main convention exhibition hall room 314. At the social media lounge he/she can get 2 SMiLE pins! One for him/herself and one for you. But only if he/she posts a #LionsClubSelfie with a SMiLE team member!!! This means that your Lions contact must have an Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account to post his/her selfie. So instruct your Hawaiian Lion contact to sign up for a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and help him to learn using it before he/she leaves for Hawaii. Off course SMiLE team members at the Social Media Lounge will be happy to help to sign up for social media at one of the internet connected laptops available at the lounge.


Step 4
Say thank you using a #LionsClubSelfie

Once you get your exclusive SMiLE pin, we expect you to post a #LionsClubSelfie wearing your SMiLE pin:)




Too difficult for you and in Hawaii for the convention? Attend one of the two social media seminars on Sunday. We reward all participants with a SMiLE pin.

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