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SMiLE 2.0

SMiLE 2.0

Being involved in the SMiLE project means lots of extra work. Building and maintaining the website, answering emails, writing articles, creating presentations, networking, meetings etc…

Meanwhile we are also involved in Multiple District and District ICT & Social Media projects and we are also active members of our Club taking up multiple responsibilities…

All this to say we are sorry not being able to answer all the emails and request you send us…

SMiLE is all about Social Media and the power of the community, and still we are doing too much manual tasks managing SMiLE. So we decided to automate and/or simplify some tasks…


Submission of articles

Registered users can submit a Lions Social Media related articles directly in the SMiLE website. After reviewing the article content wise, we can decide to publish with only one action needed…

So please try it out on

Some key features

  • Enter title and content (containing pictures, video, etc…)
  • Only the author (you) can make changes
  • When published it will mark you as the writer

This system should make it easier to share tip, tricks and stories and result in more posts!

Please keep in mind that this feature is still in experimental stage


Source Powerpoints

In the next few weeks we will put all the source PowerPoint presentations online, available for download. You are free to use parts or the complete presentation, as original or altered as long as you mention SMiLE and its website.

You can find these downloads and more in the SMiLE resource section


New Social Media Directory

Until today we use a plugin for the ‘Social Media Directory’. Sometimes after WordPress or Plugin security updates these plugins break and quit functioning as expected. Therefore we will develop our own ‘Social Media Directory’ with a working Map.

Please allow us some time to develop and migrate the existing data

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