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Search Creative Commons – Tips & Tricks

Last week we discussed ‘Creative Commons’ and ended the article with the Creative Commons Search functionality. When searching for images free to use, I sometimes ended up having to pay for them, or it seemed so… What is going on…? Lets search together!



First case: goto the Creative Commons Search page and search for an image about ‘Vision’ on Pixabay




The results are a bit confusing. The first row of images are sponsored images and will cost you money. The next rows are Creative Commons images with licences for re-use.




Second case: goto the Creative Commons Search page and search for an image about ‘selfies’… or why not ‘selfies lions’! Lets use Flickr this time




Exactly what I was looking for! I want to use it! Can I use it???



After clicking the image, read and respect the rights and download!







Other searches

  • Europeana (Europe’s digital library, museum and archive)
  • Google Images (Also read SMiLE article: Google images: find images licensed for reuse)
  • Wikimedia Commons (Media)
  • SoundCloud (Music)
  • Flickr (Images)
  • Jamendo (Music)
  • YouTube (Video)
  • Fotopedia (Images)
  • Open Clip Art Library (Images/Clip Art)
  • Pixabay (Images)
  • Google (Web)
  • SpinXpress (Media)
  • ccMixter (Music)





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