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#LionsClubSelfie, Time to reflect

LionsSMiLESelfieReflect#LionsClubSelfie…. If you do not know what I’m talking about then you should read this post and have a look at the Lions Selfie Wall

With the help of LCI and many online friends and followers the campaign is a great success and is here to stay. Check out the Lions Selfie Wall during the Hawaii convention to see more Lions Selfies. but what did we learn from the LionsClubSelfie hashtag campaign?

Collecting and centralizing social media campaign
Hashtag are interesting on Twitter but what is happening on Facebook and Instagram on the same time? First of all choosing a Hashtag enabled us to track selfie postings on multiple social media platforms. Social Media aggregation tools or tagboard if you like, scan multiple multi media services for hashtags and centralize them. This enables us to show all hahstag activity worldwide.

Where is my selfie
While your selfie will show up nicely on the sociale media you used to post it, It will not certainly garanteed show up on the Lions Selfie Wall. The service used is depenteant of the Social Media service API’s (set of tools to integrate social media in third party tools like Especially Facebook #hashtags appear very irragulary or mostly not at all!

Free or paying services
Free is not always the good way to go. At one point you will have to deal with people who post improper and even offending text or images. While this is not something you can control, you certainly can filter the content on your Wall. So paying for extra services like moderation is a good decision

To wrap it up: Using hashtags and a social media aggregation service to gather and centralize all postings on your website is a great way to get engagement from your friends and followers and it show it to people visiting your website (its a kind of rating, if nobody talks about it then….)

So how do you think Lions could use this for good?
Let us know

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