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Why Lions should start using Instagram

As Lions we want to spend our time to serve the community and people in need. In many casses ‘We serve‘ also mean organizing fundraisings etc. And to get people to those fundraising we need good communication & Public Relations.

So we need to learn to optimize the use of social media as a great and free public relations and communication tool to free more time to ‘Serve‘. At this time we could start talking about tool like Hootsuite and other social media managing tools that allow you to post and schedule posts to multiple social media channels. But we won’t…

If you never used Instagram before, start using it! Instagram allows you to take a picture with your mobile phone (during fundraising or helping out…) and post it on Instagram. But there is more! With Instagram you can:

  • Edit your pictures in secondsInstagram Share
  • Add special effects
  • Auto post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr
  • Use Hashtags

While editing and adding effects is nice to have, they are not the main reason to start using Instagram. Just before posting you get the option to auto post the picture and comment to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr without extra efforts. This means that with one tool, you post to several social media channels at once! This also means that you will have a bigger reach by using different channels. (Compare it with broadcasting on TV, radio and newspapers at the same time)

Using Hashtags is another great benefit of using Instagram. It is a great way to see what other people do without the need to follow them or have them as friends. It’s like automatically building an photo album about a specific topic. By adding a hashtag like ‘#weserve‘ you enable your posts to be found. Have a look at to see what I mean. a great thing is that this also applies to Twitter and Tumblr!

So set up a Instagram account, add your Facebook account to your Instagram account and set up and link a Twitter account to your Instagram account, Whenever you post something Lions related include ‘#weserve’ somewhere in the text. Take one picture add some text and click publish to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


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