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Instagram on your PC… Now is possible!!!

SMiLE Blog Instagram on PCIn one of our latest blogs, we said that Instagram can only upload images from smartphones or tablets.

But, taking into consideration that there are professional photographer that does not like to use smartphones to take pictures, since they use/have the latest technology in digital cameras, we did some research on the internet to discover that there is a way to upload images from your PC to your Instagram account.

How is this possible??? It is all possible thanks to Gramblr. Gramblr is a little program that you download and install in your PC, and it give you’re the ability to upload your pictures into Instragram.

Only two disadvantages:

  1. It does not support multiples accounts.
  2. You cannot schedule the upload of images.

Ok, so you are ready and it is time to upload your images from your PC to your Instagram account.  Let just follow this simple steps

  1. Go to
  2. Download and install the program.
  3. Log in with your Instagram account.
  4. Select the image to upload. Considered that only accept squared images of 500kB or less. If your images are bigger than that, you can visit We will explains briefly how can do resize your images:
    1. Search and upload the image.
    2. When is upload, the original will be on your right and the optimized image on your left.
    3. Search the Crop Image options (upper left side of the image).
    4. Use the same value to make the image a square (example 500 x 500).
    5. When you are finished, under the picture used the option “Download this image”.
    6. Save and you are done…
  5. Then upload the image, place the comment and everything is done. Check your Instagram account to verify.

I hope you like it… See you soon… = )

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