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Google 4 Lions – Google Drive

Do you use Gmail?

Do you know that every Gmail account comes with 15GB free online storage?

Do you know that you can sync the Google Drive content on your PC/Mac (like Dropbox)

You probably answered ‘yes’ to the first two questions. If you answered ‘yes’ to the third question, I have an additional question for you…

Do you know how to add a shared Google folder to the Google drive folder on you PC/Mac?

In the next series “Google 4 Lions” articles we will focus on Google Drive and learn how all members of a single club can use Google Drive as a club file server for free. When installed and setup correctly, you will be able to communicated to club members like “Membership forms are available on the L: drive” rather than sending them links or explaining them how Google Drive works.

GOOGLE 4 LIONS – Google Drive

What we are going to do is enable all Lions from one club to have an ‘L: drive’ on their  PC/Mac which syncs with the Google Drive of the club, but acts like a local drive (like C:, D:, …, L: for Lions of course)


part I: Club Gmail & Google drive

Step 1

Get your club a Gmail address like

  • Go to  and register.
  • If you are the club secretary or webmaster, use your own name to create the club email. If not discuss with the club board what name to use to register the club email address.
  • Do not use personal passwords to register your club Gmail account. Keep in mind that at one point you will want to pass on the log in credentials to your successors.

Your club now has a Gmail account and 15 Gb of free online storage to share club documents.

If you are not familiar with Google drive, play with it and get the hang of it.
You can find lots of information on the following links.

Step 2 in a few days:

  • Help club members set up a Gmail account.

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