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Google 4 Lions – Google Drive, Part II

GOOGLE 4 LIONS – Google Drive

The purpose of this series is to enable all Lions from one club to have an ‘L: drive’ on their  PC/Mac which syncs with the Google Drive of the club, but acts like a local drive (like C:, D:, …, L: for Lions of course)
In the previous article Google 4 Lions – Google Drive (Part I), we created and setup a club Gmail account with the accompanying club Google drive. Next let’s prepare the club members…


part II: club members Gmail & Google drive

Step 2

All members who need acces to the shared Club Google Drive (‘L:’ drive), need to have a Gmail account (e.g. board members or all members or …).  If not, they need to get a personal Gmail address like

  • Go to  and register.
  • Create your personal Gmail account (none of your clubmembers will ever have to access this mail, so it is personal!).
  • Use a personal passwords to register your personal Gmail account. Do not share this with others.

At this point all the club members (e.g. board members or all members or …) now have a Gmail account and 15 Gb of free online personal storage to store personal documents

If some club members are not familiar with Google drive, help them to get the hang of it.
You can find lots of information on the following links


Step 3 in a few days:

  • Share Club Google drive folder with club members

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