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Gmail tools part I: RAPPORTive

Show of hands for everybody who uses GMail. If I would have asked this during the Social Seminars in Hawaii at least half the audience would have raised their hand. It’s free, works on any device and there are some nice free add-ons available! So let me introduce some add-ons that I think might come in handy while doing Lions stuff (or private).

GMail 4 Lions Part I: Rapportive by LinkedIn

The nice part about Rapportive is that there not a lot to explain. Install the Chrome extention and it will integrate LinkedIn in your Gmail web interface.







Rapportive for Chrome

Install Rapportive directly from the Chrome Extensions Gallery.

Once you’ve installed Rapportive, open a new Gmail tab and try looking at an email from somebody. You should see the Rapportive sidebar where the ads used to be.

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