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Set up a Facebook profile

To Sign up for a Facebook profile, follow the steps bellow

  • Goto
  • Fill in the form, enter your name, mobile number or email, password, birthday, gender and ‘Sign up’
  • Once registered, you email or mobile number needs to be validated. A verification code will be send by email or Text message.
  • Once registered and validated you will be able to login to your profile.


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Facebook Page or Profile

Set up a Facebook page

To create a Facebook page, follow the steps bellow

  • Login and goto your your Facebook profile
  • Click the upper right dropdown menu item and choose ‘Create page’ or goto directly
  • Choose ‘Company, organization or institution’
  • Choose ‘Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Enter your Lions Club name and continue

Switching between page and profile

  • Switch to your clubs page by clicking the upper right dropdown menu and choose your club from the list
  • Switch to your personal profile by clicking on your small profile picture in the upper right part of your screen.



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Facebook Page or Profile

Multilangual Facebook Page

Attention, Facebook in multiple languages is only available for Facebook pages and not for personal Facebook profiles!
Read more about Facebook pages & profiles in the Facebook resource pages

Step I – Prepare your Facebook page for multilangual content

To use the multilangual option, you need to enable this for your Facebook page. Read step by step the instructions below:

  1. Click ‘Settings’
  2. Look for the ‘Post in multiple languages’ option, click ‘Edit’
  3. Be sure that the option ‘Allow people who manage this page to write posts in multiple languages’ is checked.

STAP II – Write your multi language post

  1. Write your Facebook post in your language (English for this example)
  2. Click ‘Write post in another language’
  3. Select the default language (in this case the text is written in ‘English’)
  4. Select the language you want to add (in this example ‘Dutch’). Based on the selected language a translation will be provided.
  5. Change or overwrite the provided translation. Repeat the above steps to add more translations
  6. Publish your post

In this example all English Facebook page visitors will only see the English version. Dutch visitors will only see the Dutch version!

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