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Lions logo images – ready for social media use

Lions are invited to utilize the official LCI logo files to support their club’s activities with good looking public relation material – whether this is for online use on your club’s pages or generating flyers, roll-up banner, etc..


Why logo tweaks?

Especially when it comes to online use, one downside of the official logo files get obvious … typically the logo graphic has no “white space” surrounding it or the image isn’t in square format. But a lot of online and especially social media usages require both features to achieve good looking results: No clipped graphic and no distorted image.

So the SMiLE team “tweaked” the official LCI logo files a bit and provides them to all Lions as “ready-to-use” for online and social media use!

Each logo is available in a few variations, a 3 digit letter code (you see the code while hovering with your mouse over an image) indicates the “tweaks” applied:

  • b – we added some surrounding “white space”
  • r or s – image has rectangular (r) or square (s) shape
  • w or t – image background is all white (w) or transparent (t)

The numeric code “400” indicates for square images, that the dimension has been scaled to 400 x 400 pixel, which should suit most usages. Of course, the code is just for your information.

Lions SMiLE logo stamp

Logo uses

You can use those file e.g. for your Facebook or Twitter profile image. Especially the transparent versions are nice to add or combine them with other graphics to create a unique image for your Lions activity or event. Using the logo makes sure the purpose is immediately associated with Lions service!


How to download?

To save one of the tweaked logo images to your device, simply right-click on the image and choose “Save image as” in the context dialogue showing up. When using a smartphone or tablet, a long-press on the particular image does the job as well.


Where are the original logo images available?

You can find the official LCI images on dedicated web pages from LCI. We provide you the main links at the end of this article. Scroll down to the bottom of this page.

LCI centennial logo

LCI centennial logo - (bsw400)
LCI centennial logo - (bst400)

LCI centennial 100 logo

LCI centennial 100 logo - (bsw400)
LCI centennial 100 logo - (bst400)

LCI logo

LCI logo - (bsw400)
LCI logo - (bst400)

International President’s Theme

International Presidents Theme 2016-17 - (brw)
LCI International Presidents Theme 2016-17 - (bsw400)

Related information


Offical LCI logo source

You can find the official / original logo files on these LCI web pages:

LCI website:Member Center > Resources > Lions Clubs Logos

Lions100 website: Lions 100 > Toolbox > Centennial Logos


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