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2014 International Convention Toronto, Canada

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Social Media for Lions


This seminar will provide Lions clubs with specific information about how to use social media in their club activities. Learn about organizing events on social media platforms, using donate buttons on websites for online fundraising or having video calls with clubs on the other side of the globe. We will also introduce you to the Lions SMiLE online Social Media directory and explain where to get information on social media provided by the SMiLE team and other Lions.

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Social Media — Video Conferencing Comparison


With the introduction of relatively low-cost, high-capacity broadband telecommunication services, videoconferencing has made significant inroads in business, education, medicine and media. Video chat and videoconferencing apps reduce the need to travel to bring people together, also contributing to reduce carbon emissions, thereby having an impact on the environment but also education, health and Lions Clubs. Learn about the various types of online video communication platforms, advantages and disadvantages, costs, necessary hardware, ease of use and screen sharing.

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SEMINAR  II – Video Conferencing

SEMINAR  II – Hangout with a Camcorder


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