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We have tested ZOOM for a few months, here’s why we enjoy the App as a Lions Club

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We have tested ZOOM for a few months, here’s why we enjoy the App as a Lions Club

We have tested ZOOM for a few months, here’s why we enjoy the App as a Lions Club

  • Up to 100 people connected in Video & Audio
  • FREE up to 40 minutes connection (you can restart it immediately!)
  • Plans start from 15€ per month (US$14.99 per month)
  • HD Quality of the connection
  • Can be used by PC (Windows or Mac) or Devices (Android, iOS)
  • Just a mouse click away from your videoconference (or two minutes later!)
  • No emails limitations (Google, Microsoft..)

HOW TO Start
from an Invitation received

1) You just have to click on the link marked to the rigth and…

You’ve received an email like this one?

2) follow the instruction to install ZOOM


Saving Zoom launcher file, executing it,

authorizing video & Audio and .. that’s it:

You are IN

Using a mobile device (Android, iOS)
You have to receive the invitation by mail or by link (SMS, WhatsApp ..)

1) Click on the link and

follows the instructions

to install ZOOM on your mobile.

2) At the end: Click on JOIN

You are IN







HOW TO Start from scratch (ready to become a Host)

Using a PC (Windows, Mac)
Click on
Save & Run Zoom Installer

Click on Sign In

.. click on Sign Up

.. and again

.. and finally confirm your email

.. now you can Sign IN and .. Here We Are

Using a mobile device (Android, iOS)

Go to Play Store or App Store (or iOS Market) and Install

 1) Open it, then Sign Up

2) Complete the info required

  3) Confirm the account activation

  4) complete the Info required (password!) and

Author of this article

Gianfranco Ferradini

Gianfranco Ferradini

Member of LionsSMiLE Core team

Google Trips

Flying to Chicago soon?

Check out Google Trips. Google Trips is an app for Android an iPhone that helps you plan your trips.
Scary but useful… After downloading the app, Google Trips scanned all my emails and filtered out all bookings for Rental cars, Flights and Hotels. I automatically made trips for all past and future trips.

Try it and be amazed or fear it and leave it be…

Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Around The World

WWW – World Wide Wifi

In less than a moth more than 50.000 Lions are expected in Chicago for the 100th Lions International Convention. Lions from all over the world will travel by airplane to get there and spend hours waiting for connecting flights in airport lounges. Thanks to social media waiting is less boring if you have an internet connection. Luckily airports have Wi-Fi, but getting on the correct Wi-Fi network and have the correct password isn’t always easy. One solution for this is Wifox…

Wifox is a continually updated map of airport and lounge Wi-Fi passwords from around the world. In map view, you can tap any Wi-Fi icon where wireless information is available, and use the button to copy the password to the clipboard. The map is available offline so you don’t need an Internet connection to use WiFox when you’re traveling.

Offline versions available as Apps for iOS and Android

Time to say “Thank You” – using Canva templates

Lets be open – too often we forget to say “Thank You” to those, who support our work. But using social media and some good looking Canva templates this is quick and easy. Canva not only is a great tool, the team from Canva also provides great tutorials and templates. Ideal to achieve best results – even as a beginner! In this SMiLE blog post we show you …

Step 1: Select the template

  • Visit Canva’s template page and choose the template you like. “Thank You” is one of the subcategories available, so lets choose that:

  • Once you find something you like, click on the Image, which takes you to the template’s detailed Information page.
  • Click the “Edit this template” button to start …


Original Canva image template

Step 2: Tweak / Personalize the template as appropriate …

  • Change / Add / Delete text parts
  • Change / Add / Delete Image parts

Of course you can add additional Images you uploaded to your Canva workbench!

Canva templates - a nice way for Lions to say "Thank You"

Step 3: Save & Download your work

Once you are satisfied, save your final work and download as PNG or JPG graphic file.

Step 4: Post your “Thank You”

Post your fresh designed “Thank You” message on your favorite social media platform. Your supporters will be more than happy:

  • You demonstrated that you care about them and
  • you delivered a professional looking graphic work

Hint: Of course you can also use the Canva design for some printed Cards as well – simply download it as PDF file for further printing or uploading to your favorite print Service.

More information

The Canva team provides some additional articles that you might find useful:

Canva Logo

Related SMiLE blog posts:

SMiLE has already posted some material about ussing Canva for your Lions public Relations and social media work:


SMiLE Logo Stamp

Pokémon GO for Nonprofits ???

Pokémon GO…

On July 6th Pokémon GO was released and it changed the world. People all over the world get up, go outdoors and walk around to catch Pokémon’s.

Pokémon GO is an AR (Augmented Reality) Game which means that you can actually be a character from the popular Pokémon cartoon series shown on TV early 2000. The game sits on top of Google maps and shows virtual places and Pokémon’s on real maps. To play the game you physically need to go to these places.

Augmented Reality

It is the first time an Augmented reality application was successfully implemented on such a large scale and it will not be the last! Already inventive people are looking how to benefit from this new phenomenon.

Read the article
How-Pokémon GO can lure more customers to your local business

A closer look

To understand the opportunities of this new game you need to know only some basis facts. – Pokémon players walk around in real world  to catch Pokémon’s in a virtual world

  • Players need Pokéballs to capture Pokémon’s.
  • At Pokéstops you can get Pokéballs, Pokémon eggs and other Pokémon stuff.
  • Pokémon can be lured to Pokéstops to catch them.
  • Pokémon’s can battle each other in Pokémon Gyms.
  • To get extra Pokéballs, Pokélure modules and other items you need Pokécoins. Pokécoins can be earned playing the game, but you can also buy (using real-world money) Pokéballs

More about playing Pokémon Go
Pokémon GO Wike pages
How to play Pokémon Go

Pokémon for NGO”s

So how can NGO’s benifit from all of this…?

Some interesting articles
Yes, Your Nonprofit Can Capitalize on Pokémon GO
Pokémon Go and nonprofits

Opportunity 1: use what already exists

Pokémon Stops & Gyms are scattered over the world in cities, museums, art installations, public, historic and touristic places. If you are lucky to have one in your location, use it to your benefit by posting about it on social media and get people to visit your location

Opportunity 2: take action

Use a Pokélure module that will attract Pokémon’s to a Pokéstop for a limited period of time (30 minutes). Announce the lure and attract players to your location/event.

  • More about luring Pokémons in this article
  • You can submit a request to have your location considered as a Pokémon GO Gym or Pokestop via this Niantic support page.

Have a look at this great example of the Lexington Lions Club!

Do you have ideas how Lions can use this game and other augmented reality for doing good?

Let us know!!!

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