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Right sizing – great looking

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Right sizing – great looking

A new style to your club website or social media page?!

Changing banner image occasionally helps keep your site interesting . It is also a good way to align with the current main activity of the club or the centenary theme of lions.

Once you have chosen your preferred picture , the hard part begins …

SMiLE blog post: Right sizing - great looking

The challenge

How to …

  • avoid a distorted image?
  • keep all main image parts in view, once uploaded?
  • judge, whether the image will fit for Twitter too?
  • get a perfect look?

At this point it is very helpful to know, which image dimensions each service uses for all the different images supported: Profile image, banner image, event image, post image, etc.

But wait a minute … every once in a while social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. change these dimensions a bit – leading to the above outlined “problems” and challenges.

SMiLE is your friend …

SMiLE team members have the same challenges and questions while maintaining our sites or the sites each of us maintains for our clubs or districts.

So we share some resources with you, which really help to stay up to date with all the image dimensions. This way, you do not have to scribble them down or memorize them. Just bookmark this SMiLE blog post 🙂

You will find tons of web pages on the internet, which talk about this topic. Here are the sources we find most helpful:

A great big infographic covering all major social media channels:

Original web page:

Infographic itself (Image):

Repeated here, with some Photoshop templates:

Second infographic about social media image sizes, slightly different approach:

About Facebook Event Cover images:

This seems to be a bit of a secret, but finally we found information about that as well … Two resources reported this dimension: 784 px wide by 295 px tall (

Here you find some extra Facebook image dimensions, typically not mentioned in other sources!

Equipped with these cheat sheets, social media admins’ life gets much easier 🙂

But we have one more great thing to share with you …


Tools to create perfect sized social media banners

To speed up the work to compose a perfectly fitting social media banner or post image, using the right tool can help a lot!

One of the internet resources listed above provides Photoshop templates for various social media platforms. For those of you, who work a lot with Photoshop, that might be a good way for you.

In case you like it easy yet powerful and good looking, the SMiLE team recommends Canva, a tool we use quite a lot for this task.

Canva is an online service ( you can use simply with your browser, or you use the nice Canva iPad App! We highly recommend it.


Related SMiLE blog posts

To get a first impression about Canva, have a look on the SMiLE blog post, where we introduce Canva to you. Another valuable reading is our post about improving your Facebook club/district page in general. A click on the blog post title takes you right to it:

Lions & hashtags: #DignityHarmonyHumanity

#DignityHarmonyHumanity is the theme of Lions International President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada. It encourages all people to bring dignity through service, harmony through leadership, and build bridges for humanity.


Why Paper Cranes?

Japan legend promises that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted a wish. The wish of Lions clubs around the world is to spread #DignityHarmonyHumanity through service and international cooperation. Lions are fulfilling wishes of health, hope and a better life for millions of people.

Fold a crane. Make a paper crane and write #DignityHarmonyHumanity on its wing. Take a photo of your crane at a special place in your community or at the location of a Lions service project. Share your photo with the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, …

Give a crane. Give your paper crane to someone you know or leave the crane somewhere in your community for another person to find. Challenge other Lions and friends to do the same and spread #DignityHarmonyHumanity.

See the power of using hashtags on:


Finally have a look at the Lions Clubs International puts
Dignity, Harmony & Humanity Cranes

Why Lions should start using Instagram

As Lions we want to spend our time to serve the community and people in need. In many casses ‘We serve‘ also mean organizing fundraisings etc. And to get people to those fundraising we need good communication & Public Relations.

So we need to learn to optimize the use of social media as a great and free public relations and communication tool to free more time to ‘Serve‘. At this time we could start talking about tool like Hootsuite and other social media managing tools that allow you to post and schedule posts to multiple social media channels. But we won’t…

If you never used Instagram before, start using it! Instagram allows you to take a picture with your mobile phone (during fundraising or helping out…) and post it on Instagram. But there is more! With Instagram you can:

  • Edit your pictures in secondsInstagram Share
  • Add special effects
  • Auto post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr
  • Use Hashtags

While editing and adding effects is nice to have, they are not the main reason to start using Instagram. Just before posting you get the option to auto post the picture and comment to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr without extra efforts. This means that with one tool, you post to several social media channels at once! This also means that you will have a bigger reach by using different channels. (Compare it with broadcasting on TV, radio and newspapers at the same time)

Using Hashtags is another great benefit of using Instagram. It is a great way to see what other people do without the need to follow them or have them as friends. It’s like automatically building an photo album about a specific topic. By adding a hashtag like ‘#weserve‘ you enable your posts to be found. Have a look at to see what I mean. a great thing is that this also applies to Twitter and Tumblr!

So set up a Instagram account, add your Facebook account to your Instagram account and set up and link a Twitter account to your Instagram account, Whenever you post something Lions related include ‘#weserve’ somewhere in the text. Take one picture add some text and click publish to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


to finish, some relevant links
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#LionsClubSelfies – HASHATIT
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5 Instagram Tips

Instagram 101


On our previous article “Three tips to improve your Instagram,” we showed you how to optimize your Instagram, then on the article :Why using Instragram” we explained why you should create one account for your club … Now I say the best practices to use it.

TIP # 1: Limits the number of selfies.

You would say that we contradict ourself since we have the #LionsClubSelfie campaign, but one thing is to take 1 to 2 selfie than to publish more than 5 per day. The vanity and exhibitionism are not well regarded by society this days.  Remember, the idea is to share a special moment of your life…

TIP # 2: #Limit #the #usage #of #hashtag.

Remember that basically it is used to label things that are of relevance in the publication. The #PicoftheDay hasgtag is used globally, but remember that not all your photos are “The Picture of the Day”. Lions normally use the following main hashtags:

  • Our motto: #WeServe (and / or its translation in your language, #NosotrosServimos, #WirDienen, #NoiServiamo, #ViServerar, etc)
  • Our International: #LionsClub.
  • Our Club: #ChanisLionsClub, #MilanoAiCenacoliLionsClub, StaraZagoraLionsClub, etc.
  • The activity or event: Example # ConvenciónHawaii2015, #ApoyoNepal, #AyudaOrfanato.

TIP # 3: Create photo collages.

If you want to put several pictures at once, it is best to group them in order to get few publications with many pictures. Instagram developed an enhanced to do this called “Layout” (available on iOS and Android).

TIP # 4: If you have a website or blog, add a widget

Connect your Instagram account to your page so you can share photos quickly and well to get as many followers.

TIP # 5: Remember that Instagram is simple, do not complicate.

Remember what we said in the previous article: A picture says a thousand words … do not complicate yourself with the description,  the picture says it all …

I hope you enjoyed it and … enjoy Instagram …

Bye =)





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