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#LionsClubSelfie, Time to reflect

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#LionsClubSelfie, Time to reflect

LionsSMiLESelfieReflect#LionsClubSelfie…. If you do not know what I’m talking about then you should read this post and have a look at the Lions Selfie Wall

With the help of LCI and many online friends and followers the campaign is a great success and is here to stay. Check out the Lions Selfie Wall during the Hawaii convention to see more Lions Selfies. but what did we learn from the LionsClubSelfie hashtag campaign?

Collecting and centralizing social media campaign
Hashtag are interesting on Twitter but what is happening on Facebook and Instagram on the same time? First of all choosing a Hashtag enabled us to track selfie postings on multiple social media platforms. Social Media aggregation tools or tagboard if you like, scan multiple multi media services for hashtags and centralize them. This enables us to show all hahstag activity worldwide.

Where is my selfie
While your selfie will show up nicely on the sociale media you used to post it, It will not certainly garanteed show up on the Lions Selfie Wall. The service used is depenteant of the Social Media service API’s (set of tools to integrate social media in third party tools like Especially Facebook #hashtags appear very irragulary or mostly not at all!

Free or paying services
Free is not always the good way to go. At one point you will have to deal with people who post improper and even offending text or images. While this is not something you can control, you certainly can filter the content on your Wall. So paying for extra services like moderation is a good decision

To wrap it up: Using hashtags and a social media aggregation service to gather and centralize all postings on your website is a great way to get engagement from your friends and followers and it show it to people visiting your website (its a kind of rating, if nobody talks about it then….)

So how do you think Lions could use this for good?
Let us know

Google Person Finder active for Nepal

Google’s Person Finder is an open source web application that provides a registry and message board for survivors, family, and loved ones affected by a natural disaster to post and search for information about each other’s status and whereabouts. It was created by volunteer Google engineers in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

google People finder

Google’s Person Finder, first launched in 2010 after the Haiti earthquake, uses SMS to allow anyone to search for or update information on people that might have been lost or found during a humanitarian or natural disaster. The service, which has been available in multiple languages since the 2011 Japanese earthquake, has already tracked around 5,300 records in the past two days. Anyone can contribute to the records, from friends and families to first responders and NGOs that are now flocking to Kathmandu, the nation’s capital, to help with the recovery operations.

Records might state the health of a missing person, or just log that they have been found. Google invites first responders to embed Person Finder on their own sites and share the information gathered, and developers can customise the tool.

google People finder UI



More info on


Spread this message so this tools reaches as many people as possible!!

Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts in Android

Social Media AndroidIn the world there are more than 7.600 million of mobiles devices, 96% are smartphones or tablets. 72% of this 96% used Android as his Operation System, that’s why I´ll focus on Android  and explain how you can manage multiple Social Media accounts in Android..


Nowadays the Twitter app in Android supports multiple accounts, without big secrets, in your mobile devices, but, how can you do it?

  1. Download the Twitter app in the Play Store.
  2. When they finish the installation, open it and configure your personal account
  3. Then, press the 3 dots in the upper right and select “Configuration”.
  4. Select “Add Account””.
  5. Configure the second account.
  6. Done!!!
  7. To navigate between accounts, press again the 3 dots and select “Accounts” and select the account that you want to see.
  8. If you want to publish some image or video, they give us the option automatically to select the account that we want to use.



For this app you need another program to manage multiple accounts, you only can configure 2 account in the same phone. FYI, for Instagram you need a smartphone or tablet to upload images and videos, it doesn’t work on PC!

  1. Download the Instagram app in the Play Store.
  2. Once is installed, open it and configure your personal account.
  3. Now, go (in Android) to “Configuration” – “Security” – Check the “Unknown Sources”, and “OK”.
  4. Go to web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera…) and search in Google the app “Instwogram”.
  5. Download and install
  6. Open the app and will be the same as you configure the original app. Configure the second account.
  7. Done…
  8. Now, go (in Android) to “Configuration” – “Security” – Uncheck the “Unknow Sources”, and “OK”.
  9. If you want to publish some image or video, you can chose between Instagram (personal) or Instwogram (secondary).



Easy, Android phones and tablets need  a Google account…

  1. Once the phone starts, go to “Configuration” – “Accounts & Sync” – “Add Account”.
  2. Search and select Google.
  3. Search and select ”Existing”, and will start the same configuration as the beginning of the phone.
  4. Done…
  5. Automatically when you open Google+ app, both accounts are available.
  6. If you want to publish some image or video, you have the option to automatically select the account that you want to use.
  7. To choose the account, just select in the upper left your name and pick the other new account



  1. Complicated… =(

See you soon…

Google Images – Find images licensed for reuse

Lions SMiLE LicensedSMiLE is currently very busy re-designing the SMiLE website. To make things nicer we use a lot of images. Easy you think… Google images… Yes, you will find lots of nice images, but have you ever thought about the source of these pictures. For some people making great images and pictures available is a way of earning an income. We Serve and need to respect the licenses of images available on the internet.

To comply with the license you have two options.


Google Images Usage Filter


  • Go to
  • Type the image you are searching for (e.g.: Lions Clubs)
  • Click ‘Search Tools’
  • Click the usage rights accordingly (e.g.: labeled for reuse)

Notice that when checked ‘Labeled for reuse’ no Lions emblem images show up. This is because to Lions logo is copyrighted and you cannot reuse it without consent. Luckily as a Lion you are permitted to ‘download the official format of the emblems provided on the association’s Web site. These are the only emblems that may reproduced electronically or otherwise, including sites on the World Wide Web and other areas on the Internet.’ More information

SMiLE google Reuasablejpg


Best practice example

For example you want to add a world map to your club website coloring the past conventions countries. Search Google with ‘world map blank’ choose ‘labeled for reuse WITH modification’ (since you will color some countries thus modifying the image) and download the image of your liking.


Smile world map blank


Some more information

The images are typically ones licensed by Creative Commons or GNU Free Documentation, or are items in the public domain. The “labeled for reuse” option allows you to use the image for non-commercial purposes as specified in the license. The “labeled for commercial reuse” lets you use the image commercially. The “reuse with modification” option grants you the ability to alter the image.

Many free high resolution reusable images are on Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. As an example search for reusable images of your home town (e.g. my home town ‘Brugge’). Many pictures on photo sharing sites like Flickr have also free reusable licenses (read licenses). For clipart use services like

A Google help page describes the various licensing and usage options.

Google has offered usage rights filtering for images since 2009. But until now, you had to access the Advanced Image Search page to filter your results. The new feature also helps Google catch up with Bing, which has its own image licensing filter directly accessible from your search results.


HackedHave you ever had the experience of be hacked, having emails sent from your account asking for help and then money? Well I had this experience recently and I thought I should share with you all the experience so you can understand what happens and a basic guide to get back online. With my role as IT Communications Chair for MD201Q3 you might well think I would have had no chance of being hacked as one would think I had all the security I needed to stop this type of misadventure. Well NO it can and dose happen to anyone.

It all happened last month in the lead up to Christmas, I received an email to my work email address telling me from Rodney Law saying that he was in trouble is South Cypress, he had been robbed and lost all his money and passports etc. I then looked at my reflection in the computer monitor and thought why was I sitting at work in Brisbane Australia then, but it says I’m in South Cypress, I then thought “I really could do with a holiday to that part of the world”. But alas I just realised I had been hacked now what do I do to fix this was my next thought. It was time to see how bad this was. I checked my iPad and iPhone both of which I had near by which were connected to the same email account. I had mail in from about 1 hour before so it was a slow day so far for mail, this is good I thought, I still had sent messages from that morning showing in my outbox so all was good or was it? So next step was to look at my Gmail account online that’s when I noticed I had lost all my emails in and out, this is my Lions email address the one I just use for Lions, “oh dear who many people were being spammed by now” or something along those lines came to mind.

Then the calls & emails started, the first person to contact me with the news was via Skype a classmate from a Senior Lions Institute I had done in Melbourne a couple weeks before. He had thought it seemed fishy and just wanted to check just in case, as I hadn’t mentioned an upcoming trip overseas. Then more phone calls and emails to my other accounts, my wife was concerned that I forgot to take her to Cypress. Overall I had over 20 people from across town to the world with even a phone call from a member of the SMiLE team based in America to let me know and just to check on my well being. Most of these people when to spot a scam but we just letting me know. But some people did reply to the email and that’s when the follow-up emails for money came. I must admit they didn’t want much only $1500.00 Australian or $800.00 Euro. I thought I would needed more than that to get home to Australia plus have some nice food and a fancy hotel, no budget carriers or backpacker digs for me I have standards to keep you know. Ha Ha.

What they did do to pull the wool over people’s eyes is set up a new email address using Yahoo but keeping the same prefix as my Gmail account so it looked the same at a glance (even to me), redirecting all my email to the new address, deleted all my existing emails, deleted incoming emails to my old address once they had been forwarded to the new address and they also changed the language of my account just to make it hard to reset my settings.  I took me over 2 ½ hours to get it all back in order with a lot of Google searches to find the correct ways to get control back over my mail account.

But this was a great experience for me as l learnt many lessons;

  1. Anyone can be targeted.
  2. Have access to your Google account handy.
  3. Know when you first set your account month & year
  4. Have multiple email accounts and keep them separate (Lions, Personal, Work, Spam, etc.)
  5. Have very hard passwords Alpha Numerical with symbols upper and lower case.
  6. Have access to other accounts so you can compare the changes and settings.
  7. Know that you Lions friends will also have your back.

Overall this was an exercise I didn’t need but one I am glad I have gone through just to prove you can recover and the importance of security. I hope after you read this is give you take away the lessons I learnt along the way so you can protect yourself. But the one thing I learnt is and is the most important to me is that Lions really do care for their own in times of need. So to those of you who called, emailed or just made fun of me thanks I know someone would have sent money if I was really in trouble.

Using VideoClips –
the vertical video syndrom

Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode


While browsing through facebook posts from clubs, you can see lots of good pictures about their recent activities. Some even started to use little video clips to show what they are doing, which is great.

And this brings me to todays topic –
dealing with the video material and get it right for posting in facebook, Google+ or Youtube.

Getting started …

It is so easy – using your smartphone or camera to capture a little video clip.
But then, after copying it to your PC or even after uploading into to your favorite internet service or your website you recognize that something is wrong …
the video clip seems to be 90 degrees rotated ;-(

Most likely the root cause for this is that you used your smartphone or camera in portrait position rather than landscape position while recording the scene.

Using portrait mode is perfectly fine. But most devices used for playback will not automatically adjust from their default landscape mode to portrait mode. So in consequence an additional handling step (aka rotating the video clip similar to rotating an image) is required before you can view your video without adjusting yourself to this non-default viewing position (see screenshot from the YouTube video editor at the end of this post to get an idea what i am talking about) 😉


Landscape mode

Landscape mode

Fixing the issue

There are several ways to fix this;

  • Using a video editing software on your PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Using YouTube video editing

If possible, use the video editing software or tool you already have or stick with well-known tools. Especially in the “media domain” just searching the internet for a tool and downloading a random one might easily get you into trouble depending which source you pick. So be careful!

One option you have as a Windows user is described here:
Rotate a Video 90 degrees with VLC or Windows Live Movie Maker
(using Microsoft builtin tool or VLC, a well known multi-purpose tool)


Fixing it online with YouTube Video Editor

Another option, which comes in handy in case you use Google+ or YouTube anyway, is the YouTube video editor. And even if you are more with facebook or just use a blog or classic website like e-clubhouse … you still have the benefit of not paying any money or having to install a piece of software! Once you are satisfied with the result, you can download the clip in varies formats.

Rotate video clip with YouTube editor

Rotate video clip with YouTube editor


Once you have uploaded your videoclip to YouTube, start the YouTube Video Editor here:

It´s use gets described at the YouTube Video Editor introduction. Have a look in the section “customize and add effects”.

After rotating the clip and applying other effects of your choice, you either use the link to the processed video in YouTube for publishing to your audience. Or you download the processed video clip and upload it whereever you want to use it.

Hope this little post gives you a good start dealing with your video clips.

Looking forward to your comments and video posts in your social media pages!


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