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Google Images – Find images licensed for reuse

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Google Images – Find images licensed for reuse

Lions SMiLE LicensedSMiLE is currently very busy re-designing the SMiLE website. To make things nicer we use a lot of images. Easy you think… Google images… Yes, you will find lots of nice images, but have you ever thought about the source of these pictures. For some people making great images and pictures available is a way of earning an income. We Serve and need to respect the licenses of images available on the internet.

To comply with the license you have two options.


Google Images Usage Filter


  • Go to
  • Type the image you are searching for (e.g.: Lions Clubs)
  • Click ‘Search Tools’
  • Click the usage rights accordingly (e.g.: labeled for reuse)

Notice that when checked ‘Labeled for reuse’ no Lions emblem images show up. This is because to Lions logo is copyrighted and you cannot reuse it without consent. Luckily as a Lion you are permitted to ‘download the official format of the emblems provided on the association’s Web site. These are the only emblems that may reproduced electronically or otherwise, including sites on the World Wide Web and other areas on the Internet.’ More information

SMiLE google Reuasablejpg


Best practice example

For example you want to add a world map to your club website coloring the past conventions countries. Search Google with ‘world map blank’ choose ‘labeled for reuse WITH modification’ (since you will color some countries thus modifying the image) and download the image of your liking.


Smile world map blank


Some more information

The images are typically ones licensed by Creative Commons or GNU Free Documentation, or are items in the public domain. The “labeled for reuse” option allows you to use the image for non-commercial purposes as specified in the license. The “labeled for commercial reuse” lets you use the image commercially. The “reuse with modification” option grants you the ability to alter the image.

Many free high resolution reusable images are on Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. As an example search for reusable images of your home town (e.g. my home town ‘Brugge’). Many pictures on photo sharing sites like Flickr have also free reusable licenses (read licenses). For clipart use services like

A Google help page describes the various licensing and usage options.

Google has offered usage rights filtering for images since 2009. But until now, you had to access the Advanced Image Search page to filter your results. The new feature also helps Google catch up with Bing, which has its own image licensing filter directly accessible from your search results.

Increase Visibility of Club’s Facebook Page Part-1

After the efforts made by SMiLE most Lions Clubs have made their presence in Facebook either as a page or as individual. It feels good to see one’s club page to show up high on Google or any such search engine, sometimes this serves as an inspiration to local people of that region to join Lions Club International as member. At the same time a club member feels proud when he see his own photo engaged in service activity appearing in Google search results.  Creating a Facebook page does not guarantee that their club’s Facebook page shall appear high up in Google and Facebook search. Its only a few Lions club’s Facebook page whose name appears high up in first page of  Google search such as Lions Club International- Oak Brook , while there are some other Lions Club Facebook page whose link does not appear at all in first few pages of Google search. So what makes some pages more visible over Google search and Facebook while some pages does not appear at all!




It is very interesting to see your Lions Club Facebook Page to come high up on page one of Google search whenever anybody wants some information about Lions club in any particular area. Sometimes not whole Facebook page but some Lions service activity comes up in search results. In order to increase visiblity of club page over search engines such as Google we need to optimize our Facebook page and to do that here are some simple and effective tips.

Allowing Lions club page to be indexed

First go to the settings section of your Facebook page and you will see a page like below

settings page

In this page make certain changes to make your page more visible

1.Turn off country and age restriction

See that age restrictions are off and leave country restriction blank. This will make the page more visible over search.

age restriction


2.Fill Page Info

Page Info should be filled with relevant data. This can be accessed in “about” section. Click in the about section of your club page.In the left you will find three clickable text in three rows- Overview, Page Info and Page owners. Click Page Info and in a screen will appear similar to example below

page info

Fill page info with relevant information, but before you start filling the details here, write down some of the keywords that are relevant to your business. These are words or short phrases that people might type into a search engine when looking for your page, examples can be ‘Lions Club mission’,’How to join Lions Club’, Why join Lions Club etc.

Start with your ‘Description‘ – This should have all the information about you. In short description section fill short description with keywords and in long description section you may write about how and when Club was chartered, in which lions district it is located in, Club’s jurisdiction area, mission vision etc. Please do not forget to write about Permanent Lions projects, eye camps, IOL operations and all other club activity be it service activity or regular activity. Once you have completed this section, read back through it and make sure you have added your keywords.

Finally, continue entering details for the other sections such as mission, founded, Awards etc to make your page as complete as possible.

3. Get your custom URL or Vanity URL – Facebook allows you to get custom URL after 30 likes. Custom URL looks like this

Getting into Google

After doing all the above do a Google search of your Lions Club page and if the page is not appearing within few pages of result, there are certain changes you are required to make.

4. Making sure that Google finds your page

For Google to index your page, it needs to know you exist. Just by being on Facebook, doesn’t mean that it will find you.

The quickest way to do this is to create links to your Facebook Lions Club page

This can be done by

A. Adding links from your website

B. Commenting on popular blogs using the link to your Facebook page in the URL field.

C. Creating blog posts that link to your Facebook page

D. Linking your blogs or website via Facebook plugin

Be aware that linking from other social media sites (e.g. YouTube) won’t work as they are normally ‘nofollow’ links. This means that the website will stop Google’s bots from following the link to your page, therefore it won’t find it to index it.

Google can take some time to index a page, so you have to be patient. To help it along the way, continue adding more links to your Facebook page from different sources.

Getting into Facebook search

To see if your page is appearing in Facebook search, you have to ask someone who hasn’t liked your page, to search for it. This is a little inconvenient, but if you’re page is not appearing, you should know about it!

The Facebook search is also integrated with the Bing search engine, therefore make sure you follow the above steps to get your Facebook page into Google as this will also ring true with Bing’s search engine.

Facebook provides page insights which comprises of three important feature – Post reach, click and engagements. All these features can be used to increase visibility in a tremendous way, but these features are for advanced users and shall take a separate post.

There are some other ways to increase visibility as well as page likes such as post boost in Facebook and Google adwords which are a paid service, a low budget may be assigned to use these features.

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