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Webinar May 24th – 5 Ways to Increase Your Club’s Social Media Engagement

Social media is a great, free resource that clubs can use to increase awareness about their events, stay up-to-date about club activities, and can be used as a recruitment tool.

In the May Marketing Webinar, we will be joined by Lion Tom Van Kerschaver (District 112-A, Belgium) and Lion Stefan Kaufmann (District 111-MS, Germany), the Chairman and Vice Chairman of SMiLE (Social Media for Lions by Lions). Together, the SMiLE team has created a website, social media accounts and seminars aimed at improving the way Lions interact through social media. They will provide useful ways that Lions can better their club’s social media presence.

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Tue, May 24, 2016 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT
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5 Ways to Increase Your Club’s Social Media Engagement








Team-Up Your Sites With Facebook Badges!

You know that from your experience as a Lion – once you established a working team with fellow Lions, your service activity runs like a charm 🙂 The same is true about your internet and social media sites. SMiLE seminars at LCIcon 2015 in Honolulu and LCI webinars featuring SMiLE talked about this in the recent past.

This blog post shows  a nice hands-on example how you can integrate your sites. Are you ready?! Buckle up and follow SMiLE into the world of social media integration – Team-Up your sites with Facebook Badges!

Team Up your sites!

Link your website to your facebook page


Facebook “Social Plugins”

One way of teaming up your website with your facebook page is the use of the “well-known” facebook “follow”, “share” and “like” icons, which are technically called “social plugins”. They allow your website visitors to share your great website content on their facebook feed or tell their facebook friends, that they Like what you are doing. SMiLE will write another blog post about this some time in the near future. You can see those icons around this blog post as well 😉

Facebook “Badges”

But there is more to discover – facebook offers “facebook badges”, a nice way to link your website with either

  • your club’s facebook page
  • your photo albums on facebook
  • your personal facebook profile
  • your favorite pages
SMiLE facebook page badge

What’s nice and convenient for you as the administrator of your club or district facebook page?

The badge administration page lists all the pages you are responsible for and let you pick what you need – badge preview included. Plus you receive the little code snippet required to put the badge on your (blog) website ready to go! Even better, there is a configuration option attached, so you can choose, what information the badge will show.


Your first facebook page badge

First, you go to the facebook admin page for badges (do not forget to login to facebook!):

Steps on facebook

Then, choose “Page Badge” and exercise below steps to prepare your badge:

  • scroll to the facebook page you want the page badge for
  • click on “Edit this badge”
  • make your adjustments and click “save”
  • Have a look at the preview to check whether you like your settings
  • click on “other” to display the code snippet
  • copy the snippet code (i.e. use the copy and paste function of your operating system).
    Make sure, you copy (and later paste) everything between the start and end markers:
    <!– Facebook Badge START –> …<!– Facebook Badge END –>

Steps on your website

Now it is time for the part on your website

Goto to your website

  • Enter the webpage you want to put the badge on
  • switch that page in edit mode if required
  • paste the snippet code according to the edit procedures of your website
  • Save your work

Perform a little test yourself before you proudly share the news on your facebook page 🙂

Facebook "Page Badges" - explained by SMiLE

Example: e-clubhouse web site

In case your club uses e-clubhouse to host your club’s website, here is an example for you, how to actual get the badge into your web page:

  • Goto Lions e-clubhouse:
  • Login with your known credentials as Administrator of the web pages
  • Click on “Manage Pages” in the left navigation column and select the page you want the badge on
  • Once you are in edit mode for that page, add some text pattern where you want to place the badge
  • Click on “Source” in the icon toolbar of the edit window
  • Locate the text pattern entered before and paste the facebook badge snippet code right behind.
  • Again, click on “Source” in the edit toolbar to switch back to normal edit mode
  • review the result
  • make adjustments as required
  • Click on Preview and then Publish to get your changes online!


As we talk about Lions e-Clubhouse … this is a great service LCI offers for clubs, who have not yet establish their own web site and want to start simple and easy. It’s free for Lions clubs and districts, give it a try:
Have a look at the e-clubhouse website of Lions Club Rüsselsheim – it already has the Facebook Badge integrated:

Add a facebook badge to your e-clubhouse web page
Add a facebook badge to your e-clubhouse web page (Source View)

Other facebook badges

As said in the introduction, there are in total four badges facebook currently offers. Take your time and discover them one by one. Use your own judgement on how to make use of them. In particular it is worth to play around with various settings each badge type offers.

SMiLE wishes you lots of fun and success while teaming up your sites!

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