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Pokémon GO for Nonprofits ???

Pokémon GO…

On July 6th Pokémon GO was released and it changed the world. People all over the world get up, go outdoors and walk around to catch Pokémon’s.

Pokémon GO is an AR (Augmented Reality) Game which means that you can actually be a character from the popular Pokémon cartoon series shown on TV early 2000. The game sits on top of Google maps and shows virtual places and Pokémon’s on real maps. To play the game you physically need to go to these places.

Augmented Reality

It is the first time an Augmented reality application was successfully implemented on such a large scale and it will not be the last! Already inventive people are looking how to benefit from this new phenomenon.

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How-Pokémon GO can lure more customers to your local business

A closer look

To understand the opportunities of this new game you need to know only some basis facts. – Pokémon players walk around in real world  to catch Pokémon’s in a virtual world

  • Players need Pokéballs to capture Pokémon’s.
  • At Pokéstops you can get Pokéballs, Pokémon eggs and other Pokémon stuff.
  • Pokémon can be lured to Pokéstops to catch them.
  • Pokémon’s can battle each other in Pokémon Gyms.
  • To get extra Pokéballs, Pokélure modules and other items you need Pokécoins. Pokécoins can be earned playing the game, but you can also buy (using real-world money) Pokéballs

More about playing Pokémon Go
Pokémon GO Wike pages
How to play Pokémon Go

Pokémon for NGO”s

So how can NGO’s benifit from all of this…?

Some interesting articles
Yes, Your Nonprofit Can Capitalize on Pokémon GO
Pokémon Go and nonprofits

Opportunity 1: use what already exists

Pokémon Stops & Gyms are scattered over the world in cities, museums, art installations, public, historic and touristic places. If you are lucky to have one in your location, use it to your benefit by posting about it on social media and get people to visit your location

Opportunity 2: take action

Use a Pokélure module that will attract Pokémon’s to a Pokéstop for a limited period of time (30 minutes). Announce the lure and attract players to your location/event.

  • More about luring Pokémons in this article
  • You can submit a request to have your location considered as a Pokémon GO Gym or Pokestop via this Niantic support page.

Have a look at this great example of the Lexington Lions Club!

Do you have ideas how Lions can use this game and other augmented reality for doing good?

Let us know!!!

Social Media CAN make a difference…

‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Results in ALS Discovery

2014, people challenged friends on social media to pour a bucket filled with ice water over their heads. If they refused, they needed to make a donation to help fund ALS research. The ‘Ice bucket challenge’ became a succes and people posted videos on social media and challenged friends to do the same.

As the campaign evolved, people took the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ by getting the freezing water over their heads AND donating money for the ALS Research as well! The campaign became a real hype when celebrities got involved.

Earlier this week, the ALS Association announced that money raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge financed a discovery. Researchers working on a project called MinE announced they identified a gene (NEK1) that is partly responsible for the disease.

One of the doctors involved said “Global collaboration among scientists, which was really made possible by ALS Ice Bucket Challenge donations, led to this important discovery”

Read more on:

SMiLE Pins 2016

SMiLE has created a special ‘Fukuoka Lions convention SMiLE pin’. It was presented on the SMiLE Facebook page last week and Lions could comment on what it was exactly. This year’s pin is a origami folded hashtag to honor our International President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada and the convention guest country Japan.


SMiLE is all about raising awareness of the benefits of social media for Lions and therefore get Lions online to let them experience social media, you can get your pin using… social media!!!

For those who attend the Fukuoka Lions convention, just show up at the “SMiLE Social Media Lounge” at the main convention hall, make a selfie with one of the SMiLE Lions and we will give you the SMiLE pin.

For those not attending the Fukuoka Lions convention. Use social media to get in touch with a Lion from your district (your District Governor or District Governor Elect for example) and explain them about SMiLE and direct them to the social media Lounge during their visit at the Fukuoka convention. This gives us a chance to explain your District Governor (elect) about SMiLE and its goals, and in return we will hand him/her your SMiLE pin.


Basically, the procedure is tha same as last year in Hawaii

SMiLE Pins – A collectors item 🙂


Webinar May 24th – 5 Ways to Increase Your Club’s Social Media Engagement

Social media is a great, free resource that clubs can use to increase awareness about their events, stay up-to-date about club activities, and can be used as a recruitment tool.

In the May Marketing Webinar, we will be joined by Lion Tom Van Kerschaver (District 112-A, Belgium) and Lion Stefan Kaufmann (District 111-MS, Germany), the Chairman and Vice Chairman of SMiLE (Social Media for Lions by Lions). Together, the SMiLE team has created a website, social media accounts and seminars aimed at improving the way Lions interact through social media. They will provide useful ways that Lions can better their club’s social media presence.

Register using the button bellow!

Tue, May 24, 2016 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT
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5 Ways to Increase Your Club’s Social Media Engagement









Connect your Smartphone to a PC via TeamViewer

Smart use of your smartphone with TeamViewer and a PC

Here is how it appears a smartphone on a video 8 smile
Would you like to share your smartphone video & audio in a Club meeting?
You can also share a  video conference, by the way!
Want help a friend using his smartphone remotely  through your PC ?


I’m using TeamViewer, a free App for Private and non commercial use

Here is how to do it

Step 1           Install TeamViewer on the  PC

  • Go to
  • Choose the proper download (language, OS)
  • Install it, checking the ‘private use’ flag

Step 2           Install TeamViewer QuickSupport on the relevant smartphone

  • Open the Play Store in you have an Android device, or the App Store If you have an Apple device
  • Search and install TeamViewer’s QuickSupport App

Now you’re ready to connect the two systems :

  • Start the QuickSupport App on your smartphone device. It will provide you with a 9 digit ID identifying the smartphone;
  • Launch TeamViewer on the PC ;
  • Enter the smartphone’s ID on the PC’s TeamViewer application and click ‘connect’
  • Accept the connection from the smartphone.

Now we are ready to control the smartphone from the PC.

Bear in mind that:

  • You can work from both sides using the smartphone’s interface directly or activate its functions via the PC
  • the screen of the smartphone (landscape or portrait) will be seen on your PC, even in  full screen mode


And audio?  My solution? I’m using  the Wireless Speaker System connected via Bluetooth to smartphone


Easy, isn’t it?

Here is a video of the whole process!Bottone 240 x 136

And next?

You want to operate your PC remotely from a smartphone or from another PC?  Stay tuned for our next article

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