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#LCICON – Follow the Fukuoka Lions Convention live!

During the International Conventions Lions clubs International, SMiLE and many Lions post on social media using the hashtag #LCICON. Because of the hashtag it is very easy to follow events during the convention while at home.
What is even nicer is that you actually don’t need accounts on social media to read and see what is happing live at the convention! Clicking on the links below will get you a stream of everything posted with the hashtag #LCICON somewhere in the message.


Use the #LCICon100 for the conventions during the Centennial celebration!

SMiLE Pins 2016

SMiLE has created a special ‘Fukuoka Lions convention SMiLE pin’. It was presented on the SMiLE Facebook page last week and Lions could comment on what it was exactly. This year’s pin is a origami folded hashtag to honor our International President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada and the convention guest country Japan.


SMiLE is all about raising awareness of the benefits of social media for Lions and therefore get Lions online to let them experience social media, you can get your pin using… social media!!!

For those who attend the Fukuoka Lions convention, just show up at the “SMiLE Social Media Lounge” at the main convention hall, make a selfie with one of the SMiLE Lions and we will give you the SMiLE pin.

For those not attending the Fukuoka Lions convention. Use social media to get in touch with a Lion from your district (your District Governor or District Governor Elect for example) and explain them about SMiLE and direct them to the social media Lounge during their visit at the Fukuoka convention. This gives us a chance to explain your District Governor (elect) about SMiLE and its goals, and in return we will hand him/her your SMiLE pin.


Basically, the procedure is tha same as last year in Hawaii

SMiLE Pins – A collectors item 🙂


Lions & hashtags: #DignityHarmonyHumanity

#DignityHarmonyHumanity is the theme of Lions International President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada. It encourages all people to bring dignity through service, harmony through leadership, and build bridges for humanity.


Why Paper Cranes?

Japan legend promises that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted a wish. The wish of Lions clubs around the world is to spread #DignityHarmonyHumanity through service and international cooperation. Lions are fulfilling wishes of health, hope and a better life for millions of people.

Fold a crane. Make a paper crane and write #DignityHarmonyHumanity on its wing. Take a photo of your crane at a special place in your community or at the location of a Lions service project. Share your photo with the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, …

Give a crane. Give your paper crane to someone you know or leave the crane somewhere in your community for another person to find. Challenge other Lions and friends to do the same and spread #DignityHarmonyHumanity.

See the power of using hashtags on:


Finally have a look at the Lions Clubs International puts
Dignity, Harmony & Humanity Cranes

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