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The power of hashtags

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The power of hashtags

Make Instagram work for you and your club!

To demonstrate the power of hashtags consider the next case:

Your Multiple district organizes a big tree planting day as part of one of the centennial environmental goals. To show the world Lions are involved with the environment, a public relations campaign is set up. One of the ideas is to show pictures from Lions planting trees all over the multiple district and you are responsible for publishing all pictures online

Choose your scenario…



  • You set up a communication to all Lions in the multiple district to ask them to take pictures during the event.
  • You instruct Lions to send the pictures to your personal email account.
  • You get emails saying the attachments where stripped because of the size. You reply with a request to send the pictures with Wetransfer. You get an email requesting help using WeTransfer…
  • You get another batch of images with poor resolution. You reply requesting the original images. You get an email requesting help getting the original images from their camera…
  • You do not get pictures from several districts. You start mailing around asking for someone that took pictures and request to send them to You.
  • You are missing information about the origin (district) of the pictures. You start replying emails to get the information.
  • You start uploading the pictures and get an ‘Image too large’ error message.
  • You start resizing all pictures received to a proper format.
  • You start receiving mails asking why everything is taking so long…
  • You which you never volunteered for this job…

Next time…

  • You start all over again
  • There will not be a next time…


  • You set up a communication to all Lions in the multiple district to ask them to take pictures during the event.
  • You instruct Lions to use Instagram and the event hashtag #lionstreeplanting. You add a link to the SMiLE article Start using Instagram today
  • You add a link on your event webpage to and see ALL*** Instagram pictures with #lionstreeplanting
  • You don’t need to do anything else!!!!

Next time…

  • Just send out a new event hashtag

We choose Instagram an the hashtag! You???

*** Since the project is fictional it will have no posts, but look at to see how SMiLE is collection Lions selfies from all over the world just by introducing the #lionsclubselfie hashtag!

Also have a look at our latest campaign #lions100bday

#Lions100BDay – Instagram


On June 7th, 2017 Lions Clubs International celebrate their 100th birthday. Post and watch video messages with birthday whishes from all over the world.


Watch birthday wishes from all over the world

Open in your browser to see videos posted on Instagram using the #lions100bday hashtag. Read on to learn how to post a #lions100bday video yourself!!!


Post your birthday wishes on Instagram

Post your birthday wishes on Instagram using the #lions100bday hashtag and see and share your video with Lions worldwide! Open in your browser to see the result!

Not on Instagram yet? Not sure how to register and use Instagram? Read the Start using Instagram today article on the SMiLE website and stay tuned for more useful Instagram tips and tricks

Webinars & Lions Centennial, a match?

The word ‘Webinar’ is a contraction of two words ‘Web’ & ‘Seminar’ so basically a Webinar is an online seminar.

In most cases webinars are recorded for people who could not attend the actual webinar. But do not confuse webinars with online training videos. The big difference is that webinars are interactive! It is an interactive online seminar.

Depending of the type of webinar, attendees can electronically raise their hand to ask questions real time over the microphone of their PC. This is handy for Q&A sessions, but even without a microphone and during the webinar, attendees are able to type in their questions. Another great option is to do live polls with immediate display of the results.

So the advantages of a webinar speak for themselves.

  • No need for timely traveling to attend a seminar
  • Reduces the environmental impact of traveling by car/boat/air
  • Recording available afterwards
  • Less paper manuals

Never experienced a webinar? This is your chance! LCI and SMiLE teamed up to bring you the ‘Social Media as a leadership tool’ webinar. Learn more about the webinar and how to join in the ‘Social Media as a leadership tool Webinar’ SMiLE next blog post …

Are you involved in organizing Lions seminars and not using webinars? Be a good Lion and give it a try. Do we need to tell you that ‘Environment’ is one of the Centennial Service projects! Google ‘Webinars’ and have a look at the different webinar platforms and compare both paying and free platforms.

Share your 'webinar' experiences in the SMiLE spirit (share information) and post it as a comment

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