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Time to say “Thank You” – using Canva templates

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Time to say “Thank You” – using Canva templates

Lets be open – too often we forget to say “Thank You” to those, who support our work. But using social media and some good looking Canva templates this is quick and easy. Canva not only is a great tool, the team from Canva also provides great tutorials and templates. Ideal to achieve best results – even as a beginner! In this SMiLE blog post we show you …

Step 1: Select the template

  • Visit Canva’s template page and choose the template you like. “Thank You” is one of the subcategories available, so lets choose that:

  • Once you find something you like, click on the Image, which takes you to the template’s detailed Information page.
  • Click the “Edit this template” button to start …


Original Canva image template

Step 2: Tweak / Personalize the template as appropriate …

  • Change / Add / Delete text parts
  • Change / Add / Delete Image parts

Of course you can add additional Images you uploaded to your Canva workbench!

Canva templates - a nice way for Lions to say "Thank You"

Step 3: Save & Download your work

Once you are satisfied, save your final work and download as PNG or JPG graphic file.

Step 4: Post your “Thank You”

Post your fresh designed “Thank You” message on your favorite social media platform. Your supporters will be more than happy:

  • You demonstrated that you care about them and
  • you delivered a professional looking graphic work

Hint: Of course you can also use the Canva design for some printed Cards as well – simply download it as PDF file for further printing or uploading to your favorite print Service.

More information

The Canva team provides some additional articles that you might find useful:

Canva Logo

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SMiLE has already posted some material about ussing Canva for your Lions public Relations and social media work:


SMiLE Logo Stamp

Express your social media awareness

SMiLE wallpaper images – for SMiLE friends & followers

As a companion to the #LCICon 2016 SMiLE pin the SMiLE core team has designed several unique SMiLE smartphone wallpaper images – ideal as lock screen or wallpaper for your Apple iPhone (Android smartphones will be covered soon). The images are a special gift to all SMiLE followers and friends.

Using the images on your smartphone show clearly your social media awareness and sharing SMiLE’s vision for social media use in Lions everywhere. Give your device the special Lions social media touch – make yourself unique!

Lions SMiLE smartphone wallpaper (iOS design #1)
Lions SMiLE smartphone wallpaper (iOS design #2)
Lions SMiLE smartphone wallpaper (iOS design #3)


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