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The Start

SMiLE originated in the preparation of the 2012 58th Brussels European Forum Social Media seminars. During these preparations we found it hard to get information about European Lions using Social Media successfully. Information and guidelines on Social Media are scattered and knowledge on initiatives to start using Social Media in Lions is not shared. We felt the need to safeguard and share the gathered information and contacts for the use of all Lions.

During the 58th Lions Europa Forum in Brussels 2012 and with the endorsement of the Social Media seminar attendants, the Lions European Council accepted the proposal to create a ‘European web platform for all information about Lions Social Media’ named SMiLE..


  • Is an initiative to centralize all information about social media for use in Lions Clubs.
  • Is a project that supports Lions Clubs to use social media in their social mission.
  • Wants to build a network that supports Lions in using social media to serve the community and the misfortunes worldwide.

Phase two


After the Brussels 2012 Europa Forum, SMiLE and LCI joined forces to present 4 Social Media Seminars at the 2013 International Convention in Hamburg. Because of the international nature of the Convention and the fact that not only Lions in Europe needed help with starting to use Social Media, SMiLE goes Global in April 2013 with support of LCI.
SMiLE is now short for ‘Social Media including Lions Everywhere’.


SMiLE released a complete new multi-language website to store all information about Social Media for Lions. The Social Media directory was modernized with easy search on name and map. At the 2014 International Convention in Toronto, the SMiLE Social Media seminars were a big success. The seminar room was too small and people had to sit on the floor!

The Future

SMiLE will present two Social Media seminars at the 2015 International Convention in Hawaii. Follow us on Social Media or via this website to keep informed about SMiLE or even better Join us and help other Lions use Social Media!

Introduction to SMiLE

Watch the ‘Introduction to SMiLE’ presentation

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