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5 Instagram Tips

Instagram 101


On our previous article “Three tips to improve your Instagram,” we showed you how to optimize your Instagram, then on the article :Why using Instragram” we explained why you should create one account for your club … Now I say the best practices to use it.

TIP # 1: Limits the number of selfies.

You would say that we contradict ourself since we have the #LionsClubSelfie campaign, but one thing is to take 1 to 2 selfie than to publish more than 5 per day. The vanity and exhibitionism are not well regarded by society this days.  Remember, the idea is to share a special moment of your life…

TIP # 2: #Limit #the #usage #of #hashtag.

Remember that basically it is used to label things that are of relevance in the publication. The #PicoftheDay hasgtag is used globally, but remember that not all your photos are “The Picture of the Day”. Lions normally use the following main hashtags:

  • Our motto: #WeServe (and / or its translation in your language, #NosotrosServimos, #WirDienen, #NoiServiamo, #ViServerar, etc)
  • Our International: #LionsClub.
  • Our Club: #ChanisLionsClub, #MilanoAiCenacoliLionsClub, StaraZagoraLionsClub, etc.
  • The activity or event: Example # ConvenciónHawaii2015, #ApoyoNepal, #AyudaOrfanato.

TIP # 3: Create photo collages.

If you want to put several pictures at once, it is best to group them in order to get few publications with many pictures. Instagram developed an enhanced to do this called “Layout” (available on iOS and Android).

TIP # 4: If you have a website or blog, add a widget

Connect your Instagram account to your page so you can share photos quickly and well to get as many followers.

TIP # 5: Remember that Instagram is simple, do not complicate.

Remember what we said in the previous article: A picture says a thousand words … do not complicate yourself with the description,  the picture says it all …

I hope you enjoyed it and … enjoy Instagram …

Bye =)





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